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Tab-Tensioned Electric Projection Screen

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Tab-Tensioned Electric Projection Screen
Tab-Tensioned Electric Projection ScreenTab-Tensioned Electric Projection Screen

Tab-Tensioned Electric Projection Screen

These large PROWITE™ Projection Tab-Tensioned Projector Screens are excellent for halls and large conference rooms. 

 Sorry, we don't currently stock this type, but have many other options — just go back one page.

Being tab-tensioned makes them hang flat for better viewing and helps to avoid them crinkling when they roll up. All sizes come with a radio-frequency remote control.

Don’t compromise on image quality by trying to squeeze everything onto a small screen. Get a large screen for an optimized viewing experience to ensure you are always getting the best out of the picture.

'Tab-tensioned' is that it has tensioned strings threaded down each side of the screen fabric which are pulled taut, keeping the screen from curling up at the edges.

Large screens are compatible with our wall brackets for a quick and secure wall fixing solution.

This product is out of stock!


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